Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Cariboos-Canoe Glacier

A friend of mine works at the Cariboo Lodge, up the road from Valemount, B.C. in the Cariboo Mountains. I was at the lodge a month or so ago and we were outside, looking down the valley at the Canoe Glacier and the Cariboo Mountains. We talked of my art, I showed him some of my recent works from files on my computer, and he asked if I could do a painting for him. There is a large photo in the lodge featuring the peaks and ice of the Canoe Glacier. A stunning photo.......he asked me if I could paint it. I do not usually paint from other people's works, but this presented a huge challenge due to the size and detail of the photo. I said yes.

I took some photos of the picture from a variety of angles. It was difficult to capture the right image, as it is framed with glass that reflects all the light/images in the hallway it is in. Once home, I spent quite a bit of time studying the various photos I took, getting a feel for the landscape, the vastness of the scene, and planning out how I was going to do the painting.

My friend wanted a fairly large canvas, so I began work on a 36" x 18" piece. The first step is to draw a few lines of the horizon, also capturing a few key parts of the foreground. I then painted masking fluid by brush on the line between mountain and sky. 

As you work on a painting it takes on a personality with each brush stroke and addition of color. I painted in the sky, and once it dried, peeled off the masking fluid. There is now a crisp definition between earth and sky, and the mountains really start to take shape.

The next stage is to start looking at shading in areas to show where the sun is coming from. Also, with all the ice/snow/crevasses, I will start mapping out all the different shades and hues.

Robert Krysak

Thursday, October 12, 2017

First Snow-Banff, Canadian Rockies

I live in the Canadian Rockies.
We had our first snowfall yesterday. Flakes the size of your thumbnail slowly swirled out of the clouds, dancing thru the crisp air and landing on the earth. I went for a walk to town.........the falling snow tickled my cheeks and stuck to my eyelashes.

This morning when we awoke our world had a coat of white. Winter has arrived, and we are ready physically, if not mentally. The patio furniture is covered on the back deck. The wood pile is stacked and ready for those evening fires. The snow tires are on and the van is winterized. The front stairs to the house have chicken wire stapled down to prevent those icy slips. The summer toys have been put away, and the garage is ready for our van. There is a new filter in the furnace, in preparation for lots of use.

There are still warm days to come, though we will continue the slide into Winter.

Robert Krysak

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Seabright, Nova Scotia

In my earlier blogs I mentioned we were in Seabright, Nova Scotia for our friends wedding. We will be back again next year for another wedding! The daughter of our good friends at Seabright got engaged by the shore, the day after the wedding we were at. We have been invited to be a part of her and her fiance's celebration next year.

She asked me to do a painting for her so I created this image from the deck of the boathouse at Seabright.

I am looking forward to the trip already. The combination of friends, food and the sea is magical. A special place where one can recharge the soul and connect with the ocean.

Robert Krysak

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Colours-Canadian Rockies

It's Fall in the Rockies. The days are crisp and clear in the morning. As the sun heats up the earth, the jacket comes off. The body yearns to bask once more in the energy of life. If you step out of the suns rays, there is an instant cooling, especially if there is a breath of wind in the air.

I did a day trip into the Bugaboos a couple of days ago. As I drove up the 50km mountain road from the highway, the wind was blowing lightly and leaves were launching themselves from the trees to land gracefully on the ground. A few times I stepped out of the truck to breath in the autumn air. Each breath was a pungent inhalation of life that is almost over. The autumn fragrance filled my nostrils. Even as I drove, though there was a distinct chill in the air, I had my windows open.The leaves will soon be covered in a blanket of new snow. Winter will put it grasp on the earth, and new life will be at a standstill. 

This is a special time of year. Even more than the New Year. I find it is a good time for personal reflection. Where have I been.....where am I going.

Enjoy the Fall.

Robert Krysak

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Peggy's Cove-Nova Scotia

We were in Nova Scotia this past summer for our friends wedding. The bride is from the Netherlands, and it was her parents first trip to Canada's East Coast. I wanted to give them a memento of the East Coast, something they could take back home with them.

At the beginning of our trip we went to Peggy's Cove, one of my favourite places. As the parents also visited Peggy's and fell in love with it, I thought it only fitting to create this gift for them. Although it is a very busy place in the summer with visitors, I love the boats coming in and out and the fishermen unloading their catch. The colorful boathouses brighten the spirit, even on a dark and stormy day.

Robert Krysak

Monday, September 11, 2017

Diamond W Ranch-Foothills Canadian Rockies

Good friends of ours bought their Uncles ranch that has been in the family for around 75 years. It is located in the foothills, on the outer edge of the Canadian Rockies. We went there on the weekend to a party they had to celebrate life and to show all their friends the ranch. There were around 140 people there for the pig roast. 40 of us slept over in tents and campers and danced in the barn to Western music. The next morning 4 of us cooked a breakfast of coffee, blueberry pancakes, sausages and fruit for the gang.

I wanted to give them something special, a memento of the party and all their friends. I created Diamond W Ranch, a painting of their barn, the surrounding forest and the mountains off in the distance. The painting is fairly large.....30" x 40", with white space below for all the guests to leave a message in colored pens. People were shy at first to touch the canvas. By the end of the night it was full of congrats, great job, etc!

Thanks Diamond W. We will be back again!

Robert Krysak

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Seabright Celebration

There were a lot of celebrations when we were in Nova Scotia this past August. The Mother of a good friend of ours was celebrating her 89th Birthday! What do you give someone who has lived 89 years? Family and friends as well as health are most important.

I was told she loved flowers, boathouses etc. I created this card for her the morning of the celebration. It is a view from her daughters front lawn, capturing the 3 boathouses, docks and water.

Seabright is a special place. We will be back again.

Robert Krysak