Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wolf Tracks-Canadian Rockies

It’s Spring time….one of my favorite times of year The smell of the air, the warmth of the sun, the sound of melt water gurgling…..very special.

I was out for a walk today past the Banff Springs golf course. Nice place to go as the road is closed and not many visitors go there. I was out for some exercise and time to think of what the subject matter would be for my next painting.

I was walking down the snow-covered road which was in melt mode as the temp was 6c. Just as I came around a blind corner, I looked down and stopped suddenly……..there in the snow melt was a fresh track. It’s interesting, as the past few months I have been meditating a lot and my senses are getting sharper. Along the walk, I would stop occasionally, sensing energy coming from the surrounding forest and the mountains. I had come across fresh wolf tracks.

I put a toonie beside the track and took a picture. When I got home I did a measurement of the track and the toonie....the track was around 4.5 inches long. The center of my palm to the end of my fingertips is the same length. This was a big wolf.

As I continued walking down the road the tracks wove in and out of the trees. Every 50 yards or so the tracks would stop at a tree where the wolf marked his territory with urine. As I continued along my senses were elevating, getting sharper with every step. All of a sudden there were no tracks, then after half a kilometer, there were two sets of tracks side by side. I stopped, listened to the forest, sensing a very strong energy. 

Looking down the road, it was as if I was looking down a tunnel of trees. My spirit guide at that time gave me the sense to not go forward. I paused, closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I then turned around.
On the walk back I would stop to scan the forest behind me, sensing all the energy that was around.
It is Spring time....soon the bears will be joining the wolves in the valley.

Robert Krysak

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